2015 Lafayette Lantern Walk

Thanks to all who came out for Lafayette Lantern Walk 2015

Art Garden brings community together through art/nature/technology. Lantern walks around the world traditionally symbolize bringing our personal and collective light to the longer nights of winter.

This 3rd year, we began with making lanterns at Church of the Arts, 110 S. Roosevelt Avenue, Lafayette and ended at Miners Park, Simpson Street. Businesses and organizations along the way were a part of the Walk. There were giant puppets, big lanterns made by groups and schools, drumming, singing, a shadow puppet play and interactive performances.

An artist-made lantern show hung all of September at East Simpson Coffee Company and Art Space on Simpson Street. Thank you to all who came out on September 11 and were a part of our community having a great time making and shining! All ages and abilities were welcomed and accommodated.

In The News: Lafayette Buzz

Event organizer Art Garden directed the very popular 3rd Annual Lafayette Lantern Walk, which took place on Sept. 11, 2015, beginning at Church of the Arts and ending at Simpson Mine Park. lafayettebuzz.com