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Colorado Lantern Walk is now a Biennial (every other year) event!
Making of the lanterns and giant puppets is ALL YEAR, EVERY YEAR!
Next Procession: Saturday, September 9, 2017, Location to be announced

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through art, nature and technology

for all ages and abilities


A festival is a joyous celebration of life, and has the quality of lifting us out of the ordinary and into the mysteries and magic of the rhythm of the seasons.


The long winter has passed. Nature begins to awaken. The energy of rebirth, transformation, healing, and renewal begin!


A common experience of joy and reverence is what allows a festival at a particular time of year to unite a whole community.


Experience autumn in a natural way, watch the colorful changing of the leaves, feel the crispness in the air, and taste the tartness of a newly picked apple.

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